Wednesday, January 9, 2008

You have to start somewhere ...

So I'll start with today, which is warm and sunny in Manhattan. And the sun definitely lifted my spirits after this morning, which started off with oversleeping, ironing and ill-fitting maternity clothes. And that followed a late night and a miserable showing in our dart game (0-3, a new low for me, I think). It's amazing what sunny weather and half-caff coffee can do.

Though many people seem focused on the New Hampshire primary results today, I'm not paying too much attention. No, something on findingDulcinea's web page caught my attention. On this day 36 years ago, the Queen Mary sank. You know I can't resist a good mystery.

Full disclosure: I write for findingDulcinea, but didn't write this particular piece. I'll periodically be sharing some articles, guides and other features I think may interest you. This site, for those of you who know me, is a big change from my newspaper days, but I find it fascinating. I hope you do, too.

For example, if you're feeling more civic-minded today than I am and want to learn more about the 2008 presidential candidates, check out our election guide.


Tim said...


Personally, I like the "What I'm currently listening to" item JP puts at the bottom of his entries. You can link to some kind of story about the song/artist :-)

Anne said...

I like your blog, Emily. I think most people, while they go about their big important jobs, are really thinking about small things like whether they got enough sleep or need another maternity blouse. I'm usually wondering where I put my house keys. Hope to hear more from you,