Friday, November 21, 2008

Hope You Had A Great Thanksgiving

Today I'm making a brief special plea. The site I work for,, has been nominated for Mashable's Open Web Awards, in the search and social search category. We're excited that so many more people might be able to see what a great site we have. These awards celebrate "major innovations in web technology," and we think the Librarian of the Internet is a great example.

Winners last year included Google, Facebook, Twitter and Meetup. Anyone can vote on these awards, and you're allowed to vote once a day through the middle of December.

I planned to install a cool widget that lets you vote right here from my blog, but I'm less computer savvy than I thought. It's a shame, because the directions my co-worker sent seemed very easy.

Anyway, please visit Mashable's Open Web Awards page to vote for us (once a day, ideally). We're in the "search and social search" category, and the company is findingDulcinea. Please note that once you've entered your email address, you have to confirm the vote by clicking on the link Mashable sends.

On a completely different topic, here's new mom lesson #4,257: Don't wear light-colored clothes when feeding a baby carrots or avacado. Especially if he has a cough.

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